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Holi - you

Every person has a mission in his or her life. What is your mission in this life? Do you live your true nature? Do you live your primal power? With these questions holi-you (holistic you) came into being. the holistic aspect of man had to come to the foreground. Holi-you is the connection with your true self. The alignment of body, mind and soul.When you feel this power, the energy starts to flow from within, that is the life force.

Holi-you is the anchor and gives you the tools to reconnect with the heart, with the hara in your abdomen, the center of awareness. An important element in holi-you is that we learn from each other, we are a mirror of each other. In holi-you, you get the chance to have deep experiences, to express your true potential, to be who you are. To transform and start a new life.

Yoga & Therapy


Breast Yoga

Yoga therapy


Women have very specific needs and undergo challenging life stages, especially when the changes are related to and influenced by hormones effecting the psyche and physical body.

My first profound experience from a ‘Yoga of awareness’ class was in 2006. Without any knowledge and expectation I tuned into my body…

Hara Shiatsu therapy is a form of physical bodywork based on oriental medicine that aligns body, mind and spirit to strengthen the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself.
Every woman should have the chance to get to know and listen to her own body. She should be able to revitalize, strengthen and form the body in a natural way.


Soul Reading

A Soul Reading can provide clarity and deeper understanding of yourself and understand what karma, blockages there are to be released.

It gives you the opportunity to heal the wounds of the past and embrace the wisdom and gifts of your soul

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