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Reconnect with your female nature

Every woman should have the chance to get to know and listen to her own body.  She should be able to revitalize, strengthen and form the body in a natural way.

A woman’s breasts symbolize the capacity of the earth to nurture all life. As well as our capacity to nurture ourselves and others. We can improve the health of our breasts with kundalini yoga exercises to assist lymphatic circulation, help heal the heart chakra, balance the glandular  and nervous systems, assist cellular detoxification and access inner wisdom

Join me in this revitalizing class that combines pranayama, posture, movement and mantra as well as valuable guidance in how to maintain breast health. Learn about the healthy breast program an international program dedicated to reducing the global incidence of breast cancer through education.

‘As women we have the ability to bear children, to participate in the great birthing of life, and to celebrate our relationship with all living things. Our creative potential is enormous. Women are connectors and communicators. We have the sensibility to listen with intuition and respond with an empowered heart. As social creatures we can mobilize others and inspire with purpose and passion. Women are healers, nurturers, guardians’ – Sat Dharam

KUNDALINI YOGA For the lymphatic
system and breast health

The Top Twelve Breast Health Interventions

  1.  Exercise at least 40 minutes each day or 4 hours a week, outside of your normal activities (walk, jog, swim, dance, cycle, rebound, use an elliptical machine etc.)

  2. Sleep in a dark room, with no light from the street coming into your bedroom to keep melatonin levels high.

  3. Spend 15 minutes outside exposing your arms and legs to sunlight every day.

  4. Adopt a primarily vegetarian diet. Minimize or avoid meat, fish, eggs, dairy and sugar.

  5. Add 2 Tbsp. of freshly ground flaxseeds to your cereal, juice, smoothie, salad or bean dishes. Eat them within 15 minutes after grinding. Eat 2 Brazil nuts daily for selenium.

  6. Add 2 tsp. of turmeric daily added to your food or take 1000 mg of curcumin in capsule form daily.

  7. Reduce or limit alcohol to no more than 3 alcoholic beverages per week.

  8. Switch to using non-toxic cleaning products, like baking soda and vinegar to clean your sinks, toilets, fridge, stove, floors and counters. Avoid cleaning products with chlorine.

  9. Store leftover food in glass, ceramic or stainless steel rather than plastic, and drink water from glass or stainless steel containers. The plastic leaches bisphenol A or phthalates, which both act like the hormone estrogen.

  10. Avoid using the birth control pill and/or hormone replacement therapy.

  11. Avoid cosmetics, nail polish, toothpaste, shampoo etc. containing parabens (methyl, propyl,butyl, and ethyl paraben) or phthalates.

  12. Spend at least an hour a week in the sauna (or use exercise to sweat) to eliminate environmental chemicals and toxic metals stored in your fat cells.

The body has its own intelligence. It is much more fruitful to work with, rather than against

Image by: Marta Marques



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