100-percent natural way to support harmonize and reactivate your hormonal health


In the workshop you will learn

  • warming up exercises and the complete Hormone Yoga series
  • tools to alleviate Pre menstrual tension, depression, anxiety, mood swings
  • Yoga-Nidra to activate the endocrine glands and harmonize the energy
  • the 7 qualities of health
  • to revitalize, strengthen and form the body naturally
  • Breast Health
  • Healthy dietary and lifestyle changes

For Women

  • in pre-menopause / menopause & postmenopause
  • with infertility problems
  • with thyroid disorders
  • with menstrual disorders (PMS, PCO)
  • from 35 years of age as a preventative therapy
  • and teenagers suffering from emotional imbalances/depressionsp

Celebrate your feminine radiance

The workshop is an empowering education to support you with tools and practices to reconnect with your essential feminine nature, to bring you out of your head into your womb.

The Workshop is designed to give you a solid base for your own practice. Hormone Yoga is suitable for women of all ages, with or without yoga experience.


Next Worskhop

Arnhem -Day Workshop

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Adress: Bakenbergseweg 72, 6814 MK 

Wageningen -Day Workshop

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Adress: Yogacentrum Suniya, Haagsteeg 4, 6708 PM