Menopause is the moon-pause

Menopause is the moon-pause

Menopause is the Moon- pause, pause of the moon cycles. In earlier times and in some cultures and tribes there is the celebration of the menarche for the young girls and this is missing in our western culture.

The menopause like other stages in our life like puberty have to do with how did I live my life before, how was my childhood for the puberty, how was my life previous to the transition period of my menopause, did I live my femininity? Did I live my life?

Dr.Christiane Northrup states in her book, Women‘s Wisdom , Women‘s Bodies that 80% of women do not experience menopause as a problem, although society does because of our ageist and sexist culture.

Hot flushes are from hormone imbalance and excessive liver heat which can be triggered by stress Increase eating of sea vegetables (minerals, iziki, arame, nori, wakame) and stop eating animal proteins you can rebalance the hormonal secretion.

Hot flash can be triggered from foods with a predominant Yin energy, that means expanding energy Citrus fruits, tomatoes, strawberries, chocolate, spicy foods, coffee and alcohol.

Take care not to wear synthetic fibers (which can not breath). Also stress, anxiety meals eating to quickly and overeating of large meals can cause hot flushes. Menopause give women the opportunity to refine that energy into a spiritual quality. We go from the center to the edge and then understand that we have to come ‘home‘ to the center again. It‘s like the Mandala. therefore we have to drop the ballast, everything we don‘t need.