De elf maancentra van de vrouw

De elf maancentra van de vrouw

The eleven lunar centers of the woman

Each moon phase has a unique meaning and we women respond strongly to that. One day you feel powerful and you can move mountains and shortly afterwards you feel insecure and depressed. By understanding this lunar cycle  you can discover a fixed pattern of emotions within yourself and recognize them prematurely.

The eleven Moon centers are sensitive physical areas on the woman’s body. These centers respond to the moon energies and these influence how she deals with them on a daily basis.

These centers are activated in the woman’s body in a cycle of 28 days, every 2 ½ days the moon point on the body changes. The order differs per woman and always remains constant (in the event of a sudden traumatic experience, this order can become unbalanced).

Mapping the lunar centers 

By observing yourself daily for a while and understanding when which moon center is active, you will gain more insight into your own emotions and map your pattern: When you are extroverted and confident or vulnerable and insecure, your energy level is high and you feel at your best. have to make important decisions or take a time out so as not to overstep your boundaries.

It can be useful to keep a diary to write down your own experiences at each moon center, some women use the muscle test or a pendulum to map the moon centers.


Arcline :  When your hairline or arcline (energy arc around the head) is activated, you are at your best. You are extroverted, centered, sensitive, and neutral in your communication. You feel confident. Things are in flow and falling perfectly into place. This is a good time for making important decisions, giving presentations and developing relationships.

Navel Center: If your Navel Center is weak, you will be insecure and very vulnerable to criticism. This is a good time to strengthen your Navel Center with yoga exercises. It is also a good time to keep a diary and avoid serious discussions. An overly strong navel center makes you aggressive and intimidating.

Thighs:  When the Moon center is on the thighs, your energy levels are very high. You are very productive and almost obsessively working through all the lists and projects that you have left behind lately.

Earlobes:  This is a time when you are most analytical and perhaps also very critical of yourself and others. It is a good time to make important decisions, participate in meetings and think about what values ​​are important to you at work and at home.

Clitoris:  When the Moon center is in the clitoris, you are charming, talkative, sociable and outgoing. This is a great time to make new friends, network and be in a social environment.

Vagina:  When the Moon Center is in the vagina, you have the need to be social, but this takes on a different quality. You will want to connect in a more intimate way, perhaps with a small group of people or with one person. Some women want to be alone during this period and go inside. It is a good time to go ‘inside’, take a ‘time out’, meditate and feel the silence.

Back of the neck:  If the moon point is at the back of the neck, you are very romantic. You become ecstatic about all the little things around you. You take risks, are flirtatious and capricious. It’s a good time to try new things; but not a good time to make important decisions

Breasts:  If the moon point is in the breasts/nipples area, you are compassionate, heart-centered and intimate. It is much more difficult to say ‘no’ during this time and it is easier to overstep your boundaries. It is a good time to throw a party or visit a sick friend. It’s not a good time to make important personal or business decisions.

Lips:  The lips are where a woman’s communication goes to the extreme. It can be very effective or very ineffective. Your diet and spiritual practice are especially important at this time to keep you balanced. When you tune into yourself, you can determine whether it is a good time to speak or remain silent. Your words can uplift, inspire, alienate and destroy. Stay true to yourself, if you feel insecure or angry it is better to remain silent. When in doubt, remain silent and meditate before speaking. Your lips can be very sensual during sex.

Cheeks:  When the moon point is on your cheeks you tend to react very emotionally. Emotion and commotion go hand in hand. This is a very important time to eat right, do yoga and meditate. You can easily lose control and it takes discipline not to react immediately. What you are feeling right now is most likely an illusion.

Eyebrows: The eyebrows are the most sensitive part of a woman’s body because they are the most subtle part of the parasympathetic nervous system. If the Moon center is in the eyebrows, you are very imaginative and resourceful. This is a good time to brainstorm new ideas. It is a time of expansion, a good time to sow seeds, to propose your new business or action plan.