The healing power of prana

Learn the traditional breathwork.Breath yourself back into a radiant health and deeper alignment. It is about Energy mastery and energy management.Lack of oxygenation of the body is the cause of lack of energy, troubles of lethargy and also disease, if we are not proper oxygenated.

Build the energy within you. Get charged and learn the proper breathing to use the full capacity of your lungs. In order to function at a high level we need to change the way that we breathe, the way that we should be breathing and the way that you will be breathing for the rest of your life.


The pranayama program has an essential building structure:

We start with the 3-part breath to learn to use the full capacity of our lungs.

We continue with the 11 day purification practice ‘eka dasi’, a profound pranayama technique spread across 11 consecutive days. 

The aim of this practice is to penetrate deeply into the layers of the subconscious mind to clear out energy blockages.

With the asanas we want to create more space and more freedom in the different areas to prepare the body for the deep breathwork.


You will receive automatically one zoom link for each month

16 weekly classes ( september till december 2023)

video recording is available after each class when you miss the lesson

sharing of meditations, kriyas and music will be available for your practice 

mp3 pranayama guidance for our special pranayama program! 

Starting date: September 7.09.2023

16 week integrative program of yoga and pranayama

live stream classes and full guidance

Every Thursday 18.30-19.45 (CEST)

Price €192


The healing power of prana

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